Ann Weintraub, Ltd. is a boutique real estate firm with a reputation for selling in the most prestigious doorman buildings in lower Manhattan.

Ms. Weintraub has been selling real estate in Manhattan since 1982. In 1984 she opened the company that still bears her name today, and she has specialized in the sale of co-ops and condos in Greenwich Village for the last 30 years. Ms. Weintraub is known for the unparalleled service she and her firm provide to sellers and buyers.

Ann was honored to be chosen by the New York Times as the broker profiled in their series “One in 8 Million,” where they called her the Blue Chip Broker. She was featured in both the print edition and in the online series.

Ms. Weintraub's other press clippings include the New York Times articles Getting a Foothold: The Cheapest Listings in Famous New York Buildings and Undaunted by Giants: Small Brokerages Hold Their Own.

Ann is always available to meet you in person (whether you are a buyer or a seller) to discuss your particular needs, be it an overview of the market, a specific appraisal, or her marketing approach.

While Ms. Weintraub is known for her many sales in the landmark building, One Fifth Avenue, her other sales have included apartments in the following buildings:

  • 2 Fifth Avenue
  • 11 Fifth Avenue (The Brevoort)
  • 39 Fifth Avenue
  • 40 Fifth Avenue
  • 41 Fifth Avenue
  • 43 Fifth Avenue
  • 51 Fifth Avenue
  • 38 West 9th Street (The Portsmouth)
  • 15 West 11th Street
  • 155 West 11th Street (The Greenwich Lane)
  • 15 West 12th Street
  • 31-33 West 12th Street
  • 37 West 12th Street (The Butterfield House)
  • 59 West 12th Street
  • 79 West 12th Street
  • 150 West 12th Street (The Greenwich Lane)
  • 299 West 12th Street
  • 32 Washington Square West
  • 20 East 9th Street (The Brevoort East)
  • 45 East 9th Street
  • 55 East 9th Street
  • 28 East 10th Street (The Devonshire House)
  • 40-50 East 10th Street
  • 70 East 10th Street (The Stewart House)
  • 16 East 11th Street
  • 220 East 12th Street